S3E54 - How to Amplify the Power of Your Voice with Quinn Conyers

Episode 54 March 16, 2022 00:25:57
S3E54 - How to Amplify the Power of Your Voice with Quinn Conyers
Coaching, Cocktails, & Conversations
S3E54 - How to Amplify the Power of Your Voice with Quinn Conyers

Show Notes

Quinn Conyers joins me today and raises the roof when it comes to the power of amplification.  She is a power speaker and prides herself on transforming average experiences into epic events as an Emcee.  She broadasts the brilliance of Black Women in business and leaves nothing short of power around the Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations Kitchen Table today.

From being vulnerable to debunking 3 speaking myths to leaning into 7 considerations to amplify your voice today, this is a power episode that you do not want to miss!


Show Breakdown:

  1. Authentic Connections
  2. Make imprints in the sand with choices
  3. Proper preparation prevents piss poor performance 
  4. Lead with your story
  5. I am - affirmation pave your way
  6. Feed the butterflies
  7. Your words are your worth 

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