S4E83 - How to Renew You when the Old Takes Hold (with Lolita E. Walker)

Episode 83 July 13, 2023 00:29:06
S4E83 - How to Renew You when the Old Takes Hold (with Lolita E. Walker)
Coaching, Cocktails, & Conversations
S4E83 - How to Renew You when the Old Takes Hold (with Lolita E. Walker)

Jul 13 2023 | 00:29:06


Show Notes

It's something about the "old" taking hold in our lives.  Have you ever been there? In this episode, Lolita brings it home using the acronym OLD to depict the old narratives, lies, and distractions that come in and out of our lives and the impact that it can have.  What if we could change that all today?  What if we could script the narrative by tapping into this 1/2 of power?  You can!  Simply grab your CC&C Journal from https://www.lolitawalker.com/shop and leap into the soul work from today's podcast episode.  It's Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations with a live audience.  Listen in as Lolita chats examples from her own life to help each listener to leap intentionally to their next level!

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