S2E32 How to Strengthen Your Current Condition (with Coach Isaac Brown)

Episode 32 June 23, 2021 00:38:40
S2E32 How to Strengthen Your Current Condition (with Coach Isaac Brown)
Coaching, Cocktails, & Conversations
S2E32 How to Strengthen Your Current Condition (with Coach Isaac Brown)

Jun 23 2021 | 00:38:40


Show Notes

Strengthening and Conditioning Coach, Speaker & Athletic Powerhouse, Isaac Brown, joins Lolita to talk how to strengthen your current condition of self, how to master it and how to help move more confidently within it. With the same mindset coaching that he uses with his multiple Pro-Athletes, Coach Isaac shares how to get your mind, body and spirit conditioned to strengthen all aspects of your life.

From his imagery of a well, we think through what happens when your water runs dry or is filled again.  He challenges our thinking on what type of water we are drawing and pouring into others?

Lolita leaves you with an additional 8 strategies to begin your renewed journey of strengthening and conditioning today. This is an episode of determination, strength, mental courage, perseverance, self-mastery and the grit to turn away some of the habits and people you are surrounded by today.


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