S4E81 - How to Navigate Unchartered Territories (with Lolita E. Walker)

Episode 81 June 14, 2023 00:28:30
S4E81 - How to Navigate Unchartered Territories (with Lolita E. Walker)
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S4E81 - How to Navigate Unchartered Territories (with Lolita E. Walker)

Jun 14 2023 | 00:28:30


Show Notes

We have each navigated unchartered territories in our work, life, or home.  Some of us may be navigating these territories right now!  This episode will leave you with 7 strategies for you to consider so that you, in fact reach your destination.  Tap in and hold on.  This may be a bumpy ride. Grab your CC&C Notebook from https://www.lolitawalker.com/shop and let's get going.  Don't forget to leave your 5-star review if you were able to take anything from the episode - https://bit.ly/LolitaReviews .  I'd love to say thank you and read your input on my next episode.

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