S4E77 - How To Build Resiliency (with Lolita E. Walker)

Episode 77 April 26, 2023 00:25:04
S4E77 - How To Build Resiliency (with Lolita E. Walker)
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S4E77 - How To Build Resiliency (with Lolita E. Walker)

Apr 26 2023 | 00:25:04


Show Notes

This episode is all about doing a bit of "soul work" to apply what we chat about in this live recording.  Grab you CC&C Journal from https://www.lolitawalker.com/shop and get ready to ensure that you are ready for your bounce back!  Today is about how to build resiliency through 5 key strategies.  Be sure to leave a 5-star review at https://bit.ly/LolitaReviews if you were able to grab anything at all from the episode.


In this episode:

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