S3E67: How to Hold On in the Midst Of Everything Going On

Episode 67 December 28, 2022 00:43:11
S3E67:  How to Hold On in the Midst Of Everything Going On
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S3E67: How to Hold On in the Midst Of Everything Going On

Dec 28 2022 | 00:43:11


Show Notes

Sometimes we are holding on by a string in life.  Sometimes we are holding on to our ideas and simply not allowing them to jump into the world.  I know I have been there!  And it is likely that you or someone you know has too.  This episode will not only motivate and inspire, but it will shift you into a renewed action!  Listen in as Lolita engages a live audience in this amazing discussion of discovery for work, life, and home. Don't forget to leave a 5-star review at https://bit.ly/LolitaReviews.  

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